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Wentworth Financial Communications is a team of writers, editors, and designers who are passionate about helping the financial services industry’s leading firms articulate their expertise and find their unique voice.

Founding Story

“There’s nothing more rewarding than taking a complex idea and boiling it down to its essence. That’s why I love my job.”

Scott Wentworth, Founder and Head Writer

Having spent more than a decade as the head writer at a leading investment banking and asset management firm, Scott realized that the financial services industry wasn’t short on smart ideas or innovative solutions. What professionals throughout the industry lacked, however, was the time and writing skill needed to convey those ideas in a way that cut through the noise and resonated with clients.

Scott founded Wentworth Financial Communications in 2015 to bridge this gap. By building a team of writers, editors, and designers who understand the technical complexities and marketing nuances of the financial services industry, WFC is a resource that firms can trust with their most valuable assets—their ideas.

Our Approach

Regardless of where you are in the writing process, we can enhance the quality of your thought leadership. Whether you have already written a draft and just need a professional to polish and edit it, or you are starting from scratch and all you have is an idea, we can come in and get your project across the finish line.

Our Team

Scott Wentworth

Chief Executive Officer

Explaining complex ideas is the heart of WFC’s value proposition—and Scott’s passion. Drawing on his journalistic training, marketing background, and extensive knowledge of the financial industry, Scott is dedicated to helping firms turn their expertise into content that builds brands and strengthens relationships with clients.

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Connor Martin

Chief Operations Officer

Drawing on his experience in marketing, client service, and business development in the alternative investment industry, Connor knows what it takes to develop investment-grade content—and the power it has to connect with your target market. In addition to leading client projects, Connor manages the processes and initiatives that drive WFC forward every day.

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John Spence

Director, Marketing and Content Strategy

Leveraging his passion for investor education and behavioral finance help John go the extra mile when leading content marketing projects for Wentworth’s clients. His experience as a financial journalist, asset management marketer, and writing coach also enable John to deliver next-level results when working in any vertical or content medium in financial services.

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Katie Stout

Director, Operations and Content Strategy

With a background in both marketing and operations at a global asset manager, Katie strives to deliver strategic solutions from creation to delivery. Katie leverages her product and project management experience to help WFC’s clients reach their audiences effectively and efficiently. Through exceptional client service and quality solutions, Katie ensures that every client achieves their unique content goals.

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Brian Turner

Director, Content Operations

Brian is a proven marketing content manager within the financial services sector with more than 15 years of experience at asset managers and investment consultants.

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Mindy Yahr Jaffe

Director, Content Operations

With a background as an editor, writer, consultant, and entrepreneur, Mindy understands the importance of attention to detail. An experienced project manager and operations specialist, she excels at managing processes behind the scenes so that she and her team can create seamless client experiences and consistently deliver products that exceed client expectations.

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Dana Stout

Director, Content Operations

Dana is a seasoned marketing and product communications professional with more than two decades of experience in asset management and insurance. Her background as a writer, editor, marketer, and project manager has helped forge strong relationships with clients and coworkers. She is passionate about engaging with clients, strengthening their marketing operations, and empowering them to execute content strategies.

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Craig Darrah

Director, Content Development

Craig Darrah has over two decades of marketing and communications experience in asset management, with deep knowledge in traditional and alternative investment strategies across public and private markets. He provides Wentworth clients with creative, compelling, and persuasive materials that feature crisp narratives and strong visuals.

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Peter Hatfield

Director, Content Development

Peter’s passion is developing differentiated thought leadership for subject matter experts across the financial services industry. His 17 years of experience as an investment professional on the buy-side and sell-side informs the content strategy, writing, and digital storytelling he delivers for Wentworth’s clients.

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There’s no topic too narrow for our team:

ESG integration

Private credits

ERISA compliance

Outsourced CIO services

Leveraged finance

Roth conversions

Qualified small business stock exclusion

Retirement trends for millennials

Managed futures

Supply chain optimization

Emerging markets fundamental analysis

Audit quality reporting

Post-merger integration

Liquid vs. illiquid alts

Strategic sourcing consulting


Oil and gas drilling

Private placement life insurance

Behavioral finance

M&A trends in Asia

Mutual fund fee structures

Third-party attestation

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