Going Beyond Tombstones and Data to Show Dealmaking Insights

To show how our client’s investment bankers have their fingers on the pulse of real-time trends that are shaping transaction activity, we wrote quarterly reports that analyzed the key forces affecting valuation trends in specific sectors.  

Client’s Challenge 

Investment banks typically use tombstone-filled deal announcements to show that they have been involved in noteworthy transactions in a given sector or region. Another favorite marketing tactic investment banks use is to compile reams of data about announced transactions and public comps—and then publish this readily available data as “thought leadership.” But in a field as competitive as investment banking, firms must go deeper to show that they are experts in the trends that are affecting opportunities to raise capital or be acquired at attractive valuations.


WFC’s Solution

Based on ongoing interviews with our client’s investment bankers and our fluency in the language of M&A and capital raising, we ghostwrote a series of reports that examined the key forces affecting dealmaking volume and valuation trends in specific sectors. The reports used recent transactions to show how these value drivers are shaping deal processes and outcomes across M&A, equity, and debt markets.