Explaining Year-End Tax Strategies Through Interactive Content

Using video, an interactive landing page, and an e-book, we partnered with a private wealth management firm to tell a multimedia story about new year-end tax planning strategies created by tax reform.

Client’s Challenge 

Publishing a list of tried and true year-end tax tips is a rite of passage for private wealth management and accounting firms. But the sweeping Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created an opportunity for firms to showcase their expertise by highlighting how the post-reform landscape created new opportunities and strategies for high-net-worth individuals to consider starting in 2018.


WFC’s Solution

The altered tax landscape called for a reimagination of the types of content used to capture the audience’s attention and explain the new year-end strategies. Rather than simply writing a PDF white paper or blog article, we worked with our client to create a multimedia experience that brought these ideas to life. We wrote copy and provided editorial direction for the following types of content:

  • E-book with infographics
  • Videos featuring subject-matter experts
  • Interactive landing page built in Ceros