Educating Entrepreneurs About Liquidity Events

For a wealth manager with a large presence in Silicon Valley, we wrote a series of case studies on how entrepreneurs can navigate stock options, IPOs, and other liquidity events in a tax-efficient manner.

Client’s Challenge 

Nearly all private wealth managers are eager to show the ways they work with business owners and corporate executives. But for a firm based in California focused on high-net-worth individuals and families, the need to connect with entrepreneurs and other C-level executives at startups is paramount.  


WFC’s Solution

To make the issues related to generating liquidity in a tax-efficient manner more tangible for the target audience, we wrote a series of case studies that explored the planning opportunities facing executives with equity compensation packages across a range of exit scenarios. In addition to explaining the tax consequences related to stock options and restricted stock, the case studies listed the executives’ financial priorities and identified the appropriate vehicle or strategy for achieving that goal, along with the projected tax savings.