Rebranding and Differentiating Outsourced CIO Services

When one of the world’s largest asset managers needed to explain what was truly unique about their outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) capabilities, we created copy for a brochure and landing page that separated our client in a crowded, growing field.

Client’s Challenge

Our client, one of the world’s largest and most well-respected asset managers, was in the midst of a company-wide rebranding effort. The firm had one of the industry’s largest and fastest-growing OCIO offerings, but the existing messaging for this impressive team failed to convey what differentiated our client from its competitors. Moreover, the messaging didn’t speak directly to the highest-value target audience.


WFC’s Solution

Rather than relying on the talking points and messaging themes provided by our client, we dug deeper to get a sense of why pension funds and other institutional investors trust our client to manage their investment processes. By interviewing members of the OCIO team and by reviewing redacted RFPs, we identified the types of investors that our client is an ideal fit for and zeroed in on tangible proof points that give these types of investors confidence that they’ve found the right partner for this monumental task. We then wrote copy for a brochure and interactive landing page that incorporated the new brand guidelines and positioned the firm as a true specialist for that ideal target audience.