Schedule Your Investment Banking Content Audit

Are you interested in knowing how your thought leadership and content marketing stack up against the investment banking industry’s best practices? You can engage Wentworth Financial Communications to conduct a detailed audit of your content’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Your content audit will cover:

  • Content strategy: Does your content align with your marketing priorities? Is it helping your investment bankers win more mandates by positioning them as true experts?
  • Writing: Is your content compelling and engaging for readers? Does the writing emphasize the most important points for readers, or do you bury the lead?
  • Formatting: Are you using the appropriate forms of content? Are you using e-books, videos, shorter blog posts, and interactive landing pages, or are you producing only dense industry reports?
  • Design: Does your content tell a compelling story visually? Are you making it easy for readers to scan and quickly digest your content?
  • Distribution: Are you using the most effective channels for distributing your content? Are you fully leveraging the power of LinkedIn to build your firm’s expertise and reach prospects?

If you are interested in elevating your content, contact us to schedule your content audit.