Eileen AJ Connelly


AJ Connelly is an experienced writer, editor, and educator who has covered all aspects of financial news, including stock markets, public companies, debt issuance, ratings, and initial public offerings, as well as real estate, credit cards, and retail banking.

Education and credentials:

B.A. in journalism, international relations, history, University of Wisconsin, Madison; M.A. in business journalism, Baruch College, City University of New York.

Areas of expertise:

  • Equity, bond, and currency markets
  • Corporate finance and regulation
  • Economic policy
  • The expansion of financial technology

Favorite things:

Attending live music performances; exploring new hiking trails with my dog; the hope for a new Mets season that comes with Spring Training; the moment a student’s confusion switches to understanding; the satisfaction of getting just the right quote.


“I see my role as bridging the gap between the financial experts behind companies and policies and ordinary people. If I can make a complicated subject easy to understand, I’ve done my job.”